Happy 125th Birthday, Chairman Mao!


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“It can therefore be said that politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed”

-Chairman Mao, “On Protracted War” [1]

December 26th, 2018 marks 125 years since the historic birth of the great Marxist Mao Tsetung. Born in Shaoshan, Hunan in 1893, he grew up farming in a peasant family. His father was very strict and wanted him to conform to traditional Confucian ways. But from an early age Mao rebelled against his father’s backwards teachings and the feudal system, even rejecting a marriage arranged for him at age 13. In his early years he was concerned with changing China with values like “representative democracy” but as he aged into his teens the spirit of rebellion engrossed young Mao. Soon he would abandon his concern for simple change and embrace his true revolutionary spirit. [2]

When Mao arrived in Changsha in 1911 the Kuomintang’s (KMT) democratic revolution had been ignited, and immediately thereafter he joined their army. The revolution was betrayed when its founder Sun Yat-Sen was pushed out of leadership of the KMT. After Mao left the KMT army, he began to study Marxism and became a Marxist proper by 1918. Solidifying himself as a servant of the people and a dedicated revolutionary, Mao immersed himself wholly into the anti-imperialist May 4th Movement. During this time, he led meetings, spread pamphlets and agitated for Marxism when the masses were fighting against the continued imperialist domination of China—Mao leapt out in front seeking to lead, and did not sit on the sidelines gesticulating. Though they were crucial in Mao’s own development, the KMT would go on to be led by the anti-Communist Chiang Kai-Shek who was a great thorn in the side of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Founding of the CPC
Mao was one of the thirteen representatives at the founding congress of the CPC in 1921. In the time leading up to his seizure of top leadership in PPW Mao made many contributions to the immortal science of Marxism. He firmly placed the peasantry as a close ally to the proletariat in the course of the New Democratic revolution, allowing Marxism to be concretely applied to Chinese conditions. He continued the development of Marxist philosophy through the study of contradictions. Among the groundbreaking work written during this time, “On Protracted War” stood out immensely. This piece theorized the definitive military strategy for the proletariat, asserting universal lessons for Communists around the world.

“Next, let us consider war…[a]t the initial stage they will merely experience a good deal of fighting and, what is more, suffer many defeats. But this experience (the experience of battles won and especially of battles lost) enables them to comprehend the inner thread of the whole war, namely, the laws of that specific war, to understand its strategy and tactics, and consequently to direct the war with confidence.”

-Chairman Mao, “On Practice” [2]

Mao was conscious of the various deviations that existed within the party and organized against them. In “On Protracted War” he makes a great effort to highlight the main errors plaguing the revolutionary forces: those who overestimate the strength of the enemy and those who desire a quick victory in the war against Japan. Highlighting the struggle against these deviations Mao asserts that only through practice can theory stand up on its feet. Deviations from Marxism only come to light through practice, principally the class struggle.

The Chinese revolution faced incredible difficulties through its 28 years of PPW, including the Long March starting in 1930. On the torturous path, Mao was repeatedly attacked for his ideas and leadership but in 1935 after the Tsunyi Conference Mao finally won the struggle against the right and “left” lines in the party, assuming central leadership. With time this resulted in the completion of the New Democratic revolution and establishing the Dictatorship of The Proletariat in 1949. True to Marxism, Mao’s theories were not written from the heights of the ivory tower. As always this came with immense personal sacrifice: his first wife along with all three of his siblings were killed as brave fighters in the revolution. [2] Mao similarly on the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, stretching the bright red flag of Marxism over one-quarter of humanity.

From Mao to Maoism
Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) paid great homage to Mao by synthesizing Maoism as the universal and third, highest stage of Marxism [3]. Among Mao’s core teachings synthesized by the PCP were the law of contradiction as the only force for the transformation of matter, Mao’s insistence against the revisionist thesis of the “productive forces”, and his incisive criticism of the economy of the Soviet Union.

Among Chairman Mao’s great lessons, the one that stands above all is the continuation of revolution during socialism through continued cultural revolutions towards Communism. Impossible to overstate, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) was the highest point in the history of the international working class. The agents of counterrevolution who sought to take the liberated socialist society back to capitalism were exposed, criticized in front of the masses and were either re-educated or purged from their posts. Bombarding the capitalist headquarters, the masses once again became the motive force of history—this time it was the history of socialism.

During his transcendental speech while imprisoned in 1992 Chairman Gonzalo was sure to recognize Chairman Mao’s upcoming 100th birthday, saying,

“…Next year will be the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao. We must celebrate these one hundred years! We are organizing it with the Communist Parties. We want a new manner, a celebration which will be the conscious comprehension of the importance of Chairman Mao in the world revolution and we shall begin the celebration this year and we shall finish it the next. It will be a grand process of celebration.” [4]

Twenty-five years after the transcendental speech, our beloved Chairman Mao’s legacy lives beyond the anticommunist history that capitalism has penned in for him. Forever alive in the hearts and minds of the proletariat, Chairman Mao belongs to the banner of principally Maoism today! His lessons have ideologically steeled the proletariat on its mission to destroy itself as a class. Celebration of Chairman Mao is confirmed through People’s War.

Chairman Mao lives for 125 years and forever!
– Red Guards Charlotte, December 2018


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  2. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Basic Course” Communist Party of India (Maoist) Chapter 24
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  5. YouTube video titled “Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, 24.09.1992” posted by DEMVOLKEDIENEN


Nationwide Demonstrations in US Call to Present Dr. Sernas Alive

On November 2nd, the US Red Guards Movement coordinated a series of lightning demonstrations at Mexican consulates (Pittsburgh doesn’t have a consulate but still held a lightning demonstration) in five cities across the country in solidarity with our comrades in Latin America. Similar demonstrations took place in September at the Mexican consulates in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Quito, Ecuador.

In Austin, comrades held their demonstration at a disorganized consulate that didn’t seem to know how to handle a basic human rights inquiry. Consulate staff in Austin admitted that they had never experienced anything like this. Comrades in Kansas City handed out flyers and posted their statement onto the outside of their consulate after the consulate locked their doors. In Los Angeles, security at the consulate closed the entrance to prevent a large crowd, consisting of many mass supporters, from getting into the building.

We call on all progressive formations around the world to join in the International Campaign to Present Dr. Sernas Alive with actions against the reactionary Mexican state, and to popularize among the masses the cause of the forced disappearances of activists and democratic fighters.


Los Angeles


Kansas City





Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

¡Dr Sernas presentación con vida!

– Red Guards Austin
– Red Guards Los Angeles
– Red Guards Kansas City
– Red Guards Pittsburgh
– Red Guards Charlotte

*UPDATE: CANCELLED* Rally to the defense of an Antifascist on Nov. 3rd

** UPDATE: Due to the antifascist no longer working at Divine Barrel Brewing, Deplorable Pride (DP) has cancelled their rally outside the brewery and is going to hold an anti-Communism event somewhere else (location for which they have not yet announced). We will not be following DP and Brian Talbert around wherever they choose to hold their event. Fighting on the enemy’s terms is never favorable to victory. We are no longer calling for an event at Divine Barrel Brewing, since conditions have changed, and DP will not be there. Therefore, this event is cancelled and we also do not recommend any counter-protest wherever DP holds their event. This is not a case of random cancellation but a change in objective conditions. We thank everyone who showed support for the event. **





We call on all antifascists to arrive in counter-protest of an effort to get an antifascist fired from his job at 1 pm on Saturday Nov. 3rd at Divine Barrell Brewing (3701 N. Davidson St). Brian Talbert and “Deplorable Pride” (DP), the “gays for Trump” protofascist organization who ally with the Proud Boys, have announced a “Stand Against Communism in Charlotte” event from 1 pm to 3 pm at the location above. This event is a direct harassment of a community activist who unapologetically supports Communism. This supporter will remain unnamed here as we are not in the habit of strengthening our enemies’ intelligence by doxing antifascists. Deplorable Pride is calling for this action as a response to this activist’s public insistence on opposing Donald Trump when he came to Charlotte and spoke in support of Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris—this past Friday, October 26th, 2018. No one deserves to be doxed and harassed for wanting to protest Trump!



We summed up a confrontation with this racist milieu back in August. This is not the first time Brian Talbert has led harassment campaigns against antifascists in Charlotte, both on social media and in person. He has staked out people’s homes and stalked their workplaces repeatedly. Talbert cannot go unchallenged in his attempts to harass and demoralize antifascists. His racist harassment will continue until we physically put an end to it. Antifascists and defenders of progressive values cannot be the ones to blame for Brian Talbert being emboldened—the racist movement will not die off on its own and by standing up to him we are not “giving him a platform”—he already has one. Racists and anti-racists are not the same. Unfortunately, what the “leftists” who make these arguments don’t realize is that the black scourge of reaction has never been defeated by avoidance. Reaction and fascism have only been defeated by the cathartic, cleansing use of revolutionary violence.

With the title of this event we are reminded of the canceled “March Against Communism” that antifascists took over on December 28th, 2017. Time and time again Deplorable Pride and their various fascist allies are showing that they view Communism as their true enemy. They are correct. Capitalism-imperialism is in decline, and as we approach the inevitable world wars that will spring up between the host of imperialist powers (mainly the US, Russia and the revisionist China), it becomes more and more clear that bourgeois society will always cause ruin and devastation for the majority of the world’s population. With fascist movements increasing among disillusioned segments of the working class, Communism must become the beacon of light that leads the final class out of its misery. For that to become a reality, the facts must become the truth. Anti-fascism must become Communist-led and mass-based. Anything less is a distraction, and worse yet—destructive to the lives of the working class. As much as Brian Talbert rambles on about “antifa” we are not a trendy, news reel catching pageant. Antifascists in Charlotte are dedicated revolutionaries who are working to see the end of any burgeoning fascist movement. We encourage all supporters of antifascism: fight back! Now is our chance to defeat the enemy. Hesitation and delay will only bring us more of the same, which is an inevitable increase in fascism. There is room in the anti-fascist movement for everyone; we will need everyone’s support to beat back the fascist offensive and build the struggle for a New Power!

As always, we encourage supporters and antifascists to show up to this counter-protest masked, so that comrades’ identities are not laid out in the open to bare this same harassment which DP have shown again and again they will carry out without abandon. With racist organizations like DP already having the upper hand in capitalist society, we must be strategic and united to defeat them.

It is the duty of all anti-racists to ensure that this activist does not get fired for standing on the correct side of history. We will always stand by Communism, which is the only hope humanity has left in this wretched reality inflicted by capitalism. The people, not the wicked forces of reaction, will be victorious in these Charlotte streets!

Put antifascism into practice!

Do not cede any ground to the enemy!

—Red Guards Charlotte

This sign was found on a busy Charlotte street the first week of May 2018.



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 ** UPDATE: Due to the antifascist no longer working at Divine Barrel Brewing, Deplorable Pride (DP) has cancelled their rally outside the brewery and is going to hold an anti-Communism event somewhere else (location for which they have not yet announced). We will not be following DP and Brian Talbert around wherever they choose to hold their event. Fighting on the enemy’s terms is never favorable to victory. We are no longer calling for an event at Divine Barrel Brewing, since conditions have changed, and DP will not be there. Therefore, this event is cancelled and we also do not recommend any counter-protest wherever DP holds their event. This is not a case of random cancellation but a change in objective conditions. We thank everyone who showed support for the event. **


Present Dr. Sernas Alive!


Comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, a revolutionary lawyer and law professor in Oaxaca, Mexico was disappeared in San Agustín de las Juntas on May 10 of this year — he is one of the many revolutionaries and servants of the people disappeared by the reactionary Mexican state.

The U.S. Red Guards join the Communist and progressive organizations of the world in condemning his disappearance and in demanding the presentation of Dr. Sernas alive to the masses, poor peasants, and workers of Mexico.

At the time of his disappearance, Dr. Sernas—a professor of constitutional law at Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca—was in the midst of defending twenty-three Maoist militants of Corriente de Pueblo Sol Rojo, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization which is active in the heartland of Oaxaca. The militants were arbitrarily detained on charges of terrorism and carrying explosives back in 2015, and although they are not currently in state custody the revolutionaries are still facing serious charges that, if prosecution is successful, carry a heavy sentence in the state’s dungeons. The reactionary state power in Mexico is wielding the corrupt judicial system in an attempt to intimidate and destroy the revolutionary movement in Oaxaca; however, Dr. Sernas was set to present evidence in court demonstrating irregularities in the legal process and human rights violations against the twenty-three defendants.

As they have demonstrated time and time again, when they cannot use the corrupt police force and courts to “legally” neutralize revolutionaries, the decaying old-state resorts to extralegal means: using reactionary paramilitary organizations aligned with the big bourgeoisie and landowners to murder and disappear enemies of the state. Dr. Sernas’ disappearance is one of many cases of state-sanctioned violence against revolutionaries and progressive activists carried out by these paramilitary forces; since May 10 Comrades Abraham Hernández González and Rolando Crispín López have been murdered by similar organizations acting as the unofficial and hidden foot-soldiers of the ruling class in Oaxaca.

Dr. Sernas serves as a shining example for revolutionary and progressive intellectuals around the world, serving the people’s movement by courageously defending political prisoners, risking his reputation and physical safety along the way to expose the crimes of the reactionary state power in Mexico. To date he has demonstrated the manufacturing of incriminating evidence, violation of due process and other constitutional guarantees, as well as hiding possibly exonerating evidence — all perpetrated by the state. He has laid bare the corrupt nature of the Mexican judiciary and unmasked their role as a tool for class domination and counter-insurgency. Our hearts are with our comrades in Oaxaca and the rest of Mexico. The example of Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia only serves to strengthen our revolutionary spirit and indomitable will to destroy the imperialist monster known as the US government.

PresentDrSernasGarciaAlive2Collage of actions and marches in support of Dr. Sernas in Oaxaca


Who are the revolutionaries in Oaxaca?

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist, organization based in Oaxaca which has come into violent contradiction with both the official forces of the reactionary Mexican state and its unofficial paramilitary arms.

Sol Rojo stands with the International Communist Movement in upholding the legacy and contributions of Chairman Gonzalo and the experience of the Peruvian People’s War in which Marxism was crystallized into a third and higher scientific stage. This year, Sol Rojo united with revolutionary organizations around the world in denouncing decisively the “electoral farce”, promoting the voting boycott with the slogan, “Don’t vote — organize and fight!”

Building strong ties among the poor campesinos, the workers, and the students and the teachers of Oaxaca, Sol Rojo places in the hands of the Mexican masses the tested and unbreakable weapon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, a spearpoint which pierces directly to the conquest of power, New Democracy and the transition to socialism, continuing the revolution with cultural revolution onward to communism.

Solidarity North of the Rio Grande

The repression faced by Dr. Sernas and the militants of Sol Rojo whom he was defending is deeply familiar to all servants of the people who attack with not only words the brutal edifice of Capitalism-Imperialism, and the U.S. Maoist Movement is certainly no exception.

In November of 2016, Comrade Dallas, a committed Maoist and supporter of the US MLM movement survived an attempt on his life by the Texas Department of Public Safety which left him with a broken neck; two years later, having failed to liquidate the activity of Comrade Dallas, the State has struck him with a series of trumped up charges which carry significant prison time. The campaign to free Comrade Dallas has reached all the way around the world, with solidarity actions in Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, and Brazil (among others).

The respective crises of imperialist capitalism and bureaucratic capitalism simultaneously give rise to the super-intensified role of reactionary paramilitary forces in carrying out whatever deeds the formal State is either unwilling or too weak to perform — a phenomenon well-known to the peoples of Latin America. In all cases, the paramilitaries coordinate with the State through a combination of official and unofficial channels, relying for instance on the police for protection against Communist militants, and transportation to and from confrontations.

The brutality of disappearances and of the prisons which we call annihilation zones cannot be overstated. Wherever the people rebel the state and its lackeys viciously attempt to crush this rebellion, through counterinsurgency methods ranging from NGO intervention to assassination, torture, and genocide. But the stones they throw will fall at their own feet; the blood they spill will water the earth and new militants will rise as they must do, and as they do.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Principally Maoism is the ideology of the proletariat and it burns bright, a rising sun and—as the Peruvian comrades say—one cannot hide the sun with one’s thumb. Even when trapped within the old state’s dungeons, revolutionaries work to support the struggle outside as well as to develop revolutionary culture within. The prisons are another trench of combat in the class struggle; we are duty-bound to turn prisons into shining trenches, lit up by the people’s sun. We say: Turn the prisons from annihilation zones to shining trenches of combat!

Thus, we must cherish and support our militants and servants of the people. This is precisely what progressive lawyers like Dr. Sernas do — they cherish and support the people caught in the bloody jaws of reaction. In doing so, Dr. Sernas and the people like him risk everything in supporting the cause of the people — their careers, their lives. As Dr. Sernas cherished and supported the arrested militants of Oaxaca, so too must all the proletarians and peoples of the world cherish and support him.

In the midst of the Earth-shaking people’s war in Peru, where the masses fought and died for a new world free of landlords and capitalists, free of the immiseration and brutality against the indigenous peoples and laboring people, the Association of Democratic Lawyers rose up to defend the heroic fighters, to snatch them from the jaws of reaction. The democratic lawyers risked death at the hands of the state and their death squads, but they persisted and saved the lives of many servants of the people. Dr. Sernas stands in line with this tradition.

As such it is no surprise that the progressive and democratic peoples of the world stand firmly with him — and demand in unison to the vile agents of the Mexican state: Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

PresentDrSernasGarciaAlive3Demonstrators in Quito, Ecuador support the call to present Dr. Sernas alive above. Below, revolutionaries in Brazil demonstrate in front of the Mexican consulate to demand the Mexican government present Dr. Sernas Alive.


Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

¡Dr Sernas presentación con vida!

–Red Guards Austin, Red Guards Los Angeles, Red Guards Kansas City, Red Guards Pittsburgh, Red Guards Charlotte

Long Live Keith Scott!—Two Year Anniversary of the Charlotte Riots

We have reposted most of a speech here:

On September 20, 2016 before 4 PM, Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by CMPD (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department). His wife was nearby and recorded the moments leading up to his murder. What followed would change Charlotte a great deal temporarily and a small but significant amount permanently.

The police claimed that Keith had a gun. Whether he had a gun or not became a large talking point surrounding his murder. The first night of protests rumors circulated that it was not a gun that he had been holding but instead was a book. The book vs. gun argument became a distraction from the real issue at hand which is the slow genocide of black people at the hands of capitalism. While the ‘book’ narrative was circulated by protestors in an honest attempt to support Keith’s family, it pandered to liberal arguments about violence. Black people do not need to be unarmed to be deserving of life. While it is very possible that the police planted the gun on Keith Scott, it is also possible that they did not. If he did indeed have a gun then it becomes clear that the police killed him because he was a black man with a gun: something the system has long feared. This would not at all excuse his murder: guns belong in the hands of the oppressed. We are not as invested in the “he was unarmed” narrative in this case—we wholeheartedly support the arming of the working class!

Brentley Vinson, the pig who evaded any prosecution for murdering Keith, was also black. A pig is a pig! Capitalism and the police forces that mirror it have increasingly become intersectional trying to convince the Black Nation that this somehow means they represent them. But as the Charlotte Riots and those like it have shown, many among the working class reject this notion and see right through it!

In the wake of Keith’s murder the people rioted and a state of emergency was declared. It started with a few brave mostly black people who just as darkness fell surrounded the last cop car stationed in front of Keith’s neighborhood. The pig car, now isolated, was unable to move as at first about forty and later hundreds of people surrounded it. Rebels victoriously mounted the car and a true occupation had begun! The people spontaneously took Harris Blvd, then I-85, burned the contents of freight trucks, vandalized cop cars, and kicked back tear gas thrown by the cops, all of which we unapologetically support. The rivers overflowed as the disorganized fury of the masses was unleashed. The name most masses in our area know the uprising by, the Charlotte Riots, is one we support and are uninterested in renaming to fit our taste buds. The rebellion was violent, and that violence is justified. As many know around 100 people were arrested in connection with the riots and their aftermath.

Now the narrative of the Charlotte Riots is controlled either by the police or by reformists. In the era in which those who claim the continuation of the Charlotte Riots are either doing “teach ins” or on city council, we must recenter those brave fighters for our class who initiated the riots. They are already much more militant than the so called left who simply tails behind them. Our hearts extend to the people of Charlotte who made sacrifices in the name of Keith Scott and we are forever indebted to their struggle.

What the Charlotte Riots showed spontaneously we must channel in organized actions. Let the legacy of Keith Scott and the people of Charlotte live on through action!


Charlotte’s Riots were initiated by proletarians and to a minor degree lumpenproletarians. Many average working-class people were willing to sacrifice their jobs and reputations within the capitalist order to make a statement of resistance. While the action was undoubtedly spearheaded by black people, from the beginning there existed a real solidarity with the struggle from brown and white people, who marched and faced off the pigs linked elbow to elbow with their class siblings.

While there did exist a Movement for Black Lives here before then, credit for the militant riots belongs not to movement people but to advanced masses. Just as in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other US cities, social media was the fuel to the fire of rebellion. Without Facebook it is quite possible the rebellion would not have happened at all. Social media along with bourgeois media (the press) resulted in scapegoating those the system saw as leaders, giving them false felony charges just so they could pin and take down a couple black faces on behalf of the whole rebellion. We extend our deepest solidarity to those who received such charges in their fight against these charges and hope that all are dropped in court.

The exploitation of the Third World at the hands of capitalism-imperialism has been largely mirrored domestically, from the US ruling class upon the Black Nation. As an oppressed nation within the confines of the US prisonhouse, the Black Nation has always been at the forefront of struggles not only against white supremacy but of struggles for our class in general, especially in the US South. Over the years radical demands for black self-determination have been watered down by the bourgeoisie into demands for the lowest possible reform. Black lives have never mattered to capitalism, a system built squarely on their backs. Instead of demanding temporary justice for Keith Scott, we must build a revolution in his name along with the millions of other members of the Black Nation which this system has murdered and exploited.


From the riots there are a few notable experiences which are easy to recall. In one instance a protestor from Ferguson was hit by a pig in an ATV. Not only was he injured, but he was then charged with assault among other bogus charges! This was caught on video, and those that videoed the pig assaulting him were also targeted for arrest. In another instance a rogue cop broke discipline of the CMPD organization and stepped out of the police line to chase a militant protestor. This went on for minutes, and really exposed to all watching that, while the police were certainly more militarized, there was a degree to which they were really shaken up by the rebellion. In yet another instance, rumors spread (not just among activists but on the ground by masses) that the cop who had really shot Keith Scott had been white and not black. This was yet another tactic meant to divert the attention of the people and break them up, regardless of the rumor’s source.

Traffic had been completely stopped due to rebels’ occupation of I-85 on the first night. Hundreds of people were grouped on the hill and pouring into the highway. After what must have been over an hour, riot cops arrived on the scene and were dropped off from the other side to advance toward the rebels. In a retreat those militant rebels still occupying the streets were forced to run for their lives as the cops advanced. Many had to climb up a 15-foot wall between the freeway and the grass. People who up until that point had been strangers were now depending on one another to make it up over the wall and onto the grass, pulling one another up by their fingertips. This was another beautiful moment which made it clear in a very tangible sense that we need solidarity. Later, the National Guard was flown in and a curfew was put into place. It was on these nights that the riots while still alive would die down.

The landscape of the neighborhood where the riots first popped off has changed quite a bit in two years’ time. Fences have been built, streets have been reorganized, and the parking lot where Keith was murdered seems to have been removed and grafted over completely. The owners of the neighborhood (not the people who live in the homes but those who collect rent) as well as the cops hope that with this gesture they may have erased the people’s memory and washed away any lasting effects of rebellion. This same washing away has quelled and ended rebellions for years through fear mongering and legalist diversion.

In the face of these attacks and attempts to break up anything in the future that could come close to the Charlotte Riots, we must hold strong and persist in its force. While there was tactical unity in the streets, there was no centralized power calling the shots of the rebellion, and it ebbed and flowed with the energy of the masses. Due to its courageous yet disorganized character the more centralized, more violent force (the police) did ultimately overtake the rebellion. We say this not to dishearten but as a sober acknowledgement of the limits of disorganized violence. To truly continue the spirit of the rebellion and its concrete demands we point towards organized revolutionary violence against capitalism. We are already aware of the problem and must end it once and for all. Where the revolutionary movement exists, there must exist mass organizations who not only cultivate rebellion but who are there ready to unite with the masses when they do inevitably rise up again.

—Red Guards Charlotte, September 20th, 2018


Summation of Revolutionary Study Group (RSG)


Summation of Revolutionary Study Group (RSG)

1. Chronological development: Beginning, Middle, End
2. No Practice component
3. Academic trend
4. Against Friendship Politics: No more Social(ist) Circles!
5. Conclusion

We held our Revolutionary Study Group (RSG) program from January 2017 to March 2018 every single week on Wednesdays at 7 PM. Out of around 60 sessions only one RSG session was cancelled for this entire time period and it was because of snow. While our location changed at times, the clear majority of RSG sessions were held within a local activist-friendly church. We made the decision and finally ended RSG on March 20, 2018. However even today with almost six months of inactivity, the RSG Facebook page still gets new likes and follows consistently. This is worth mentioning because the influence of the study group model on the left (not only in this city but in others as well) is undeniable. Due to such an influence we have a responsibility to sum up our experience with its successes and failures. The following is a summation of the study group’s practice, and principally its errors. These were no practice, academic trend, and friendship politics.

1. Chronological Development
Revolutionary Study Group was the first project of Red Guards Charlotte (RGC, at that time known as QCMC). The Revolutionary Study Group started as a result of the J20 mobilization from Charlotte to Washington, DC to protest Trump’s inauguration. Charlotte was successful in mobilizing around 55 people for this trip. Some of our earliest supporters left the cryptofascist Trotskyite Workers World Party (WWP) and had accumulated contacts because of the J20 mobilization. There was a debrief meeting held in Charlotte to analyze the failures and successes of the mobilization the Wednesday after. A couple of Wednesdays later, the formation of the Maoist collective and the breaking from WWP was announced, as well as the formation of a study group for Maoism.

What were the political reasons for starting a study group? While with WWP some of our earliest supporters noticed a discouraging anti-intellectual trend. WWP’s common attitude was, “the masses don’t want to hear us quote Marx and Lenin” (a specific phrase that was said often in their circles). The result was not only anticommunism, but specifically for the purposes of this summation, a mechanical attitude against Communist education. Education was seen by them as an inherently dry and bad thing that had to be tiptoed around in order to gain any support. A huge reason why so many young people would leave WWP’s ranks burned out on so-called “socialism” was that the same practice was repeated continuously without a theory component. Maoist theory, here but also in general, comprises of both reading Communist theory and summing up an organization’s practice.

The Marxist Theory of Knowledge is theory—practice—theory—practice in an endless spiral. The revisionist WWP by ignoring the theory component was not willing to make proper changes and adapt their practice. Additionally, even their “theory” when attempted in organs such as their newspaper is bad enough to make no difference to the problem being described here. This is because as revisionists they do not yield Communist theory but actually capitalist theory. Revisionism can be understood as the ideology of those who claim to be “socialist” in name but capitalist in practice. Capitalism with nothing different from regular capitalism but a little red flag. Elaboration on revisionism and its historical definition can be found in the struggle-sessions.com piece entitled Ghosts Along the Capitalist Road. Now WWP goes so far as to write things they call summations and at times clearly tries to borrow from the Maoist writing style attempting to appropriate our work while shitting on it.

To reiterate, WWP did not focus on theory and had a mechanical focus on practice, but even when they mixed in theory here or there it was capitalist theory which rather than helping hurt the situation even more. Therefore RSG was the early Maoist conception of how to correct the wrongs of the revisionists our supporters were breaking with and nourish our minds with Maoist theory.

The first piece RSG read was Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership by Mao, commonly known as the ‘mass line document’. It took us about three weeks to finish this piece. Much time was spent on discussion and clarification as for many participants this was their first time reading a genuine Communist text. Especially memorable was people’s reaction to Mao’s description of democratic centralism and structured units within the Communist Party—this stood in stark contrast with the disorganized “left” we were all used to.

In the first third of the life of RSG, we spent a good deal of time reading texts that were not principally Maoist. Part of this was intentional, to force critical thinking of the shortcomings of other brands of so-called “socialism”. We read parts of Assata’s autobiography for Black History Month, as well as Black Like Mao. The latter we remember thinking resembled a Mao Zedong Thought (MZT) underlying piece. MZT is not Maoism—Maoism is not just Mao’s teachings but a further qualitative development of Marxism-Leninism. We certainly did not read things that pandered a shit ton to anticommunism however there was still somewhat of an eclectic mix of our readings in the beginning. As time went on we would come to read more principally Maoist texts.

Combat Liberalism, as always, was a huge hit with the non-communists as its political line and shade is relevant today. In the beginning presentations on dialectical materialism, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and the history of the Black Nation with regard to imperialist wars (both about black people being pushed into the military and having a rich history of protesting the wars) were given. We also read Five Golden Rays by Mao and Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement by Anuradha Ghandy.


A political trend that grew in the early stages of the RSG was a culture of debate. In the political spaces many participants had been formerly immersed it, spaces dominated by identity opportunism, this was unheard of because identity opportunism could not be questioned lest it be proven wrong. In stark contrast to identity opportunism this debate trend was a progressive thing and gave people an investment in the group. However, this trend had a dual nature and would soon prove to be a bad thing that overstayed its use and would come to be used against Maoist leadership. There came to be a Trotskyite-like necessity to “question everything” especially the unapologetic Red line. Today we jokingly refer to those who spread the white line as “debate club” attendees but seriously, many people came to perceive RGC not as a decisive organization but as an open-ended debate club. However we never were a debate club and the arguments that started in RSG sprang up from the necessity to impose the Red line on the white. The study groups were not decisive enough in doing this and at times gave the same amount of airtime to incorrect ideas as they did to correct ideas.

In May 2017 Serve the People Charlotte (STP-C) formed as a functioning organization, that had previously been just an idea floating around during RSG sessions. RSG existed as a standalone project before then. The correct decision would have been to end the RSG weekly sessions at that time after almost six months of its life (January 2017 to June 2017). Having given birth to the first revolutionary mass organization in the city, it had already served its purpose of making the leap from knowledge to practice, and this would have allowed for participants to focus all their energy in STP-C. At the time we were not yet used to having a project and sticking to it and so our continuing the RSG was a sincere grasp at consistency and stability (which was successful).

Certain trends characterized the second third of RSG’s life, from June 2017 to November 2017. We started to notice problems through RSG which would’ve come up with any meeting-type situation. It became clear to us that we were not structuring the facilitation of the sessions well, as many sessions went well past 9 PM (two hours since beginning). Also in the first half of the sessions we had a bad tailist problem of waiting until every confirmed person got there before starting. This would lead to sessions that did not start until 7:30 and even sometimes 7:40 all because there was an avoidance toward “rude” behavior that did not include everyone. This was a rightist line that has now been defeated in our organization and the organizations we have influence in. It is the duty of every facilitator to respect the time of the organization and its individuals by starting on time and interrupting people when they need to be interrupted. But within the study group’s atmosphere this took us too long to correct.

During the middle period more care should have been taken to immerse the random friends and people who came to one or two study groups into STP-C to get them consistently involved in mass work rather than waiting for them to stick around the study groups long enough. Though there was some overlap in membership of RSG and STP-C it was not all. Therefore there were many people who were in RSG and nothing else. Some merely did not want to become mass organization members (because it didn’t have the same quality of a social space that RSG did and required steady commitment unlike RSG).

In this period our content became increasingly principally Maoist and it became even more clear as it had from the beginning that the Maoist collective was in control of the RSG; this was one of its positive aspects. There was not an overly democratic process at least in the choosing of the content and that was an early sign of independence.

During this period we watched People of the Shining Path (while it has anticommunist propaganda it is also a good resource for footage of the PCP and Peruvian People’s War), read from the PCP’s Fundamental Documents, read parts of State and Revolution by Lenin, read all of Unity of the Working Class Against Fascism by Dimitrov, and On Identity Opportunism by RGA. When reading the last of these it became clear that many of our supporters wanted to deny the cohesive existence of postmodernism and what would follow was a long line struggle. There are many other pieces we read that are not listed in this summation but the ones listed here are some of the best.

Most of the time spent on the RSG in its last leg of life, between the months of December 2017 and March 2018, was spent debating on postmodernism. A rightist line composed of many of the regular attendees claimed postmodernism was not a real thing and was surely not a problem on the left. When it became clear that people were not going to be won over away from postmodernism through these arguments, and became clear that the study group was getting in our way of spreading our wings and focusing on genuine mass work, we decided to end it. The fight against postmodernist lines culminated in the organization which is now Red Guards Charlotte responding in a definition paper on Postmodernism which is available exclusively through Fourth Sword Publications but is sold out at the time of this writing. We have not published this piece anywhere else, but it was read by a supporter at the last RSG session ending the study group on a decisive note.

In ending the study group there was a determined effort to make sure there was no one person left behind without a mass organization to be absorbed into. These efforts while sought wholeheartedly were largely unsuccessful.

Leaps were made in the revolutionary movement in Charlotte because of the study group. It was our first project as a collective and early on it really forced us to develop some level of discipline in keeping it afloat every week. It forced many of us to get experience in public speaking by giving presentations, something we needed as all Maoists do. Some of the base of people it originally attracted would go on to develop into strong members of mass organizations. It also represented the emergence of the first Charlotte group concerned with revolutionary theory and truly teaching people, trying to make them into leaders. The study group is not something we regret having founded. Rather, we allowed it to overstay its welcome and tried to keep it alive when it should have been put to rest.

2. No Practice Component
RSG failed in many regards: first, there was not a clear objective for what we wanted to put into practice. There was no class struggle nor scientific method. There was no production of anything—other than training people in how to facilitate the RSG sessions and come up with questions to print out in preparation occasionally. There were not enough assignments to people to constitute any amount of discipline or semblance of democratic centralism. Recruitment of new people into the study group was limited due to lapses in leadership but also due to the lack of a base to pull from. Though many people were introduced to Maoism, the leap from a perceptual understanding of Maoism to rationally becoming a Maoist was not made for most participants. Concretely this can be traced back to lack of revolutionary practice. As was discussed earlier, there is a contradiction between theory and practice in which practice is principal. Theory and practice must move in an upward spiral. You can begin with theory then put that into practice or begin with practice and reevaluate with theory, each time your practice must sharpen, and vice versa, your theory too.

With the key component of practice missing totally, the development of RSG was one-sided and incomplete. This experience should be looked at with a critical eye. There were successes and failures, but the key portion worth highlighting is the potential to bloom into something new.

There was some overlap in membership of this group with membership of other actual mass organizations, but this was coincidental, not organizational. The result was that other revolutionary organizations inspired by Maoism in Charlotte did not develop their own organs of internal study because some of their membership depended on this separate RSG for such study—but then some members of the mass organization understandably did not attend the RSG and so the theory aspect was completely lacking for them. Really RSG represented a mechanical separation between theory and practice in Charlotte’s revolutionary movement. Ideological development should not be separate from practice, nor should it be something one is able to opt out of.

3. Academic Trend
People who attended the study groups were those who valued intellectual production in some manifestation or another. But that production was limited to our insular grouplet, which remained in the realm of ideas, not in becoming a material force. Ideas only become a material force when the masses of people take them up for themselves, but those very same ideas had remained in the halls of our activists’ spaces. To gain those ideas people had to come to us, instead of us bringing those ideas to the masses.

RSG had an overall academic trend as well as lacked a practice component. These combined became a breeding ground for a petit-bourgeois (PB) world outlook. In other words, it conceptualized revolution as “debate club”—not an armed struggle to overthrow capitalism. PB describes a relation to the means of production of a small-business owner, one who does not have to sell their labor to survive under capitalism. In short, a PB world outlook is a way of viewing the world through the eyes of those who won’t benefit from an earth-shattering revolution in the same way the proletariat will. People with a PB stand may have their heart set on making change but the way they envision that “change” happening is through comfortable, legal means that don’t challenge the existing order.

A PB world outlook must be replaced with a proletarian world outlook. The proletariat is the only truly revolutionary class: they lack any ownership over anything except their own physical and mental ability to work. As a class, the proletariat is chained down by the lack of ownership over the means of production (the tools, raw materials, needed to make a product). Instead those means are privately owned by a small group of capitalists. Therefore, the proletariat’s interest is in the total abolition of private property, since the working class owns none of that property that can be used to extract profit. The only solution is violent revolution. A proletarian world outlook equates to embodying a revolutionary both in words and in action. A proletarian world outlook can only be developed through studying of theory and waging the class struggles against enemies of the people—a study group cannot facilitate that.

The academic trend is a bit different from simply having supporters that are in academia. Similar to the difference between class background and class stand, academics can be transformed into proletarian intellectuals. Indeed, Chairman Gonzalo was an academic during his time in reconstituting the Communist Party of Peru, so we are not preaching against going to the academics to make them into revolutionaries. Even those inoculated with bourgeois education can become one of us. We also understand that though it can be fleeting the mass work done on college campuses is indispensable. Even then though, the mass work should not consist of simply a study group. Campuses who are host to revolutionary mass organizations should see consistent disruption and action complete with revolutionary violence.

For a long time chauvinism in the group’s dynamics went unchallenged. At this same time we tried to remedy this with “progressive stack” where from a list of people who had raised their hands to speak those with the most oppressed identities would be put at the top of the list. This did not remedy any problems with genuine chauvinism and actually made the understanding of the problem worse. Progressive stack is in essence a postmodernist way of dealing with the genuine contradictions of patriarchy and oppressed nations by prioritizing oppressed “voices”. We ended this practice because of this problem.

Related to the academic trend there was somewhat of an ultra-democratic trend that flowed in the RSG especially from the overuse of our groupchat in a certain messaging app. There were sometimes hundreds of group messages sent a day (when sent to a group chat all are required to read it and many respond hence the ultra-democracy). This document lacks the scope to explain ultra-democracy in depth but it is elaborated on in the piece titled Abuse by struggle-sessions.com.

4. Against Friendship Politics: No More Social(ist) Circles!
Finally, RSG had no mass character. While we put the same amount of energy into it as we might into a mass organization, the result fell far short. Subjectively based on inviting activist contacts and friends of friends, there was no objective base (such as a neighborhood or school) to replenish and if necessary replace the ranks of the organization. Inviting friends and not getting out of our comfort zone cannot qualify as a mass organization (especially when there are rarely newcomers who don’t already know someone). The “leftist community” is only so big and is a finite resource therefore if that is your only base you are bound to run out of steam and quick. While a lot of effort was put into outreach this almost always fell on the most advanced members when more people should have been trained through this in intentional outreach.

This line is probably our most controversial. We insist that Maoism is not a friend group with politics grafted on. In fact, it cannot be a space where politics and friendships are valued equally. We seek to cultivate organizations in which political ties are primary while any friendship ties are only as a result of comradeship (which is much different and closer than friendship could ever be). Anything that falls short of this does in fact cause the organization to become consumed by friendship politics. Friendship politics overshadow the political aspect of an organization and eventually due to friendship politics organizations disintegrate. We have found that those who stuck around for friendship had flimsy alliances with Maoism and did not stick around for class struggle. Insisting against friendship politics and against the liquidation of the Maoist movement is not mechanical; it is a matter of priorities. So many young people enter progressive movements excited about revolution but come out the other end dulled, made tired and complacent by the leftist “friend group spaces”. We refuse to be the place where that happens.

While Red Guards Charlotte had opposed friendship politics early on in our organizational life, the RSG objectively encouraged rather than discouraged this trend. People would hang around socially talking sometimes for an hour before the groups and for an hour afterwards. Even if the conversations were about politics they were principally social. There was almost a taboo aspect to leaving before greeting everybody and to leaving before someone was finished with what they were saying. This took a toll on organizational work to a large extent when members needed to get home to do work for other organizations.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who came only to RSG but not to any STP-C nor antifascist events. For such a person their experience of Communism came to be equivalent to how they might interact with peers and who they would hang out with. A good amount of attendees developed a habit of coming to our RSG groups and leaving with one or two friends to go drink at Common Market, the epitome of the hipster bar scene in Charlotte. While this was not something we encouraged we should have fought against it harder. Romantic and sexual relationships started as a result of RSG. Aside from being patriarchal these relationships also came to be the reason people were sticking around.

5. Conclusion
This is being published in light of Charlotte “Revolutionary” Collective (formerly known as PRUC) starting their own study event as of today at 7 PM. As we already detailed here and here, true revolutionaries must boycott this horrendous excuse for an organization. CRC is now holding their “What is Socialism” event on the same day, time, and even location as we held RSG! Wednesdays at 7 pm in the exact same church as we did. They also stole the idea for their “What is Socialism?” (of which they have no clue) session after our own “Communism 101” session which we held on November 8th, 2017 with almost 30 participants. They attempt to pick up what we put down however we are ten steps ahead of them. This cheap revisionist copy of our RSG is confusing to the masses and this summation seeks to offer clarity considering such befuddled understanding propagated by CRC. In an unrelated event WWP and “CRC” recently joined some big-tent left coalition together. Both are enemies of the true revolutionary movement mentioned here; if you weren’t sold on charges of revisionism against CRC, having forged an ally with WWP should do the trick.

This was written not only with the audience of whoever CRC will attract in mind, but also to any genuine budding revolutionaries who seek to start a similar group. Overall, we advise against starting a consecutive study group to anyone seeking to promote Communism which today is principally Maoism. Instead study groups need to be only temporary when disconnected from mass work, and study should be consistent only when directly connected to mass work. A study group itself does not constitute mass work.

In sum, RSG served its purpose as an initial recruitment tool for STP-C, but beyond that held us back more than it pushed us forward. Due to largely lacking a practice component, setting an academic trend, an ultra-democratic tendency, and using friendship politics, we do not recommend that any groups hold such a group. These problems are not a coincidence of the study-group model but intrinsic to it. Since dissolving RSG we have encouraged supporters of Maoism to become responsible for their own political development and we have also embarked on smaller more temporary study groups made specifically for the purpose of bringing people closer to the Party (which in a microcosm is our collective). We have grown tremendously in this time, tempered in class struggle, in a way we never could have with RSG still around.

More importantly, the revolutionary mass organizations in Charlotte have added a theory component to their organizations because they no longer rely on RSG to do the job. Theory is the vital heart of the organization pumping fresh blood to all its other organs. But just as the heart cannot pump blood if the body remains still, theory does not become alive without a practice directly tied to the organization.

Earn the title of Communist in deeds and not in words!

Shed the bad from academia and take the good!

Communism is not a social club!

—Red Guards Charlotte, September 12, 2018

Recommended Readings (in order of appearance)
1. Ghosts Along the Capitalist Road
2. Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership
3. Black Like Mao
4. Combat Liberalism
5. Five Golden Rays
6. Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement (since it is currently sold out on Fourth Sword Publications it can also be found here).
7. People of the Shining Path
8. PCP’s Fundamental Documents
9. State and Revolution
10. Unity of the Working Class Against Fascism
11. On Identity Opportunism
12. Abuse

Freedom for Comrade Igor Mendes


This was found in Charlotte visible from an active street in a neighborhood which is being gentrified. Photo sent in by a supporter.

Below we are re-posting an article originally posted by Red Guards Austin on July 28th, 2018. Red Guards Charlotte fully agrees with its message and has not made any changes nor have we redacted anything. The Spanish language article can be found here.


(Spanish language article coming  soon)

Igor Mendes, son of the Brazilian people, fighter of the international proletariat, is not alone!

a slogan painted on the walls of proletarian neighborhoods all over the world.

Who is Igor Mendes and why do we support him?

Comrade Igor Mendes is a student revolutionary and Communist Leader from Brazil. The reactionary Brazilian state arrested him for helping to mobilize and lead the masses of people against the FIFA World Cup. He was criminally charged for attending a demonstration on 10/15/14 and recently sentenced to prison along with 23 of his comrades.  Leaders emerge in class struggle and Comrade Igor Mendes is such a leader. By honoring him we honor all 23 of the arrestees. Igor is a Communist and a revolutionary, a true son of our class.

In his own words he expresses that:

“I answer for a single “crime”: criminal association, article 288 of the Penal Code. Draconian law, whose new wording was approved in 2013 and used increasingly to persecute popular movements, especially those that do not lend themselves to being mere conveyors of projects of class conciliation.”

The Maoists of Brazil have been unrelenting in their class struggles hailing from the rich tradition of the Araguaia Guerrilla, an armed struggle that took place in the 60’s and 70’s. Because of the severe poverty and conditions where the police, military and landlords kill whomever they want state repression and white terror there are very high.

FIFA destroyed the houses of the working poor and violently pushed the masses from their own city to make way for tourists. The reactionary state treats the youth of the Favela as sub-human pests. Our city, Austin is familiar with how the rich and tourists funnel into our city and push us out, while calling our people “roaches”. Gentrification has devastated former working-class Black and Chicano communities in Austin, portraying a free-for-all to outsiders. Thanks to this voracious selling off of our city, Austin even has attracted its own bourgeoisie sports hustlers who are pulling a con-job to bring a Major League Soccer team here. They are scheming our community into handing over public land to build a Soccer Stadium for the US’s own rookie version of the world’s sport.


Police attack anti-FIFA protestors in Brazil

In Brazil, as outraged youth gathered in mass to protest the world cup, the state agents of the Dilma government, part of the so-called left pink tide, responded with reactionary violence and white terror to imprison the youth.  This phony “socialism of the 21st century” constantly shows its reactionary face. They are no different than that the reformists and revisionists of our country who constantly serve the bourgeoisie.  When in crisis, the bourgeoisie and phony socialists alike oppose the proletarian dictatorship; if you do not hit them, they will not fall.

All 23 arrested activists were sentenced to between 5 to 13 years in prison without parole for attending the anti-FIFA demonstrations. After going to prison, Comrade Igor was unwavering. In true revolutionary spirit he remarked:

“I will leave here more convinced that Brazil needs a great revolution!”

While in prison he has authored a book titled “Small Prisons”. The title references how capitalist society in crisis comes to resemble the large prisons more and more, with an even more acute ‘small prison’, which the masses and their revolutionary leaders suffer. His book details prison abuses and focuses on the struggles of the masses that are locked up. In an act of revolutionary solidarity, Comrade Igor dedicated his first book to the League of Poor Peasants (LCP). LCP is a revolutionary mass organization that operates in the Brazilian countryside to organize the poorest of the countries peasantry in the struggle for New Democratic revolution and Socialism.


League of Poor Peasants (LCP) rallying to defend Chairman Gonzalo of the Communist Party of Peru

Brazil has a long history of proletarian internationalism and one of the best developed and most advanced Maoist-led movements in the Americas. Their struggle is our own, as we are fighting on different fronts in the same war for our class—the international proletariat.

Igor has never once seen himself as a victim but as a revolutionary, he is a true child of our class. The revolution produces leaders and heroes and Igor is deserving of both titles. All prisoners face horrid conditions which breed a sort of miasma; to elevate themselves above this misery, the revolutionary must have unshakable faith in the masses and the revolution. To keep his moral high, Igor would write Maoist slogans on the walls like, “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win,” and draw hammers and sickles as a reminder of his revolutionary commitment and as a statement of defiance to the prison authorities.

The US Maoist movement is familiar with state repression and the targeting of revolutionaries, we have seen incredible support for our own Comrade Dallas, who has stressed to our movement the need for continued struggle and a refusal to capitulate in the dungeons of the state.  From Austin to Brazil, we are one struggle.  We must all show our gratitude for the international support Comrade Dallas has received by honoring and supporting Comrade Igor.


Comrade Igor giving a speech next to some of the 23 comrades sentenced

While being a political prisoner, Igor has never sought special treatment and is one with the imprisoned masses, still serving the people of the class he lives and fights for. We have seen this same resolve among our movement’s best revolutionaries and recognize it as a true sign of the indomitable spirit of our class.

We call on all the activists and collectives in our movement to take solidarity action and to educate the US proletariat on the struggles of their 23 brothers and sisters being persecuted by the Brazilian state. It is disgusting that when Americans think of Brazil, they think of white sand beaches and clear blue water, forgetting the plight of the people. The Brazilian masses will one day rise like a tidal wave and reclaim said beaches and every Favela will fly the red flag as the hammer and sickle blazes from the mountainsides. The Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) will initiate The People’s War and will forever change the face of South America as it marches shoulder to shoulder with other Parties toward world proletarian revolution and Communism!  When we think of Brazil, let us think of these comrades. Let us think mainly of Comrade Igor Mendes and let us make trouble all over the imperialist nation of the US  in his name!

Igor Mendes, presente en la lucha!

Freedom for Igor Mendes and his 23 comrades!

Long live the revolutionary youth of the international proletariat!

Long live international solidarity! 

-Red Guards Austin, 7/28/2018