Nationwide Demonstrations in US Call to Present Dr. Sernas Alive

On November 2nd, the US Red Guards Movement coordinated a series of lightning demonstrations at Mexican consulates (Pittsburgh doesn’t have a consulate but still held a lightning demonstration) in five cities across the country in solidarity with our comrades in Latin America. Similar demonstrations took place in September at the Mexican consulates in both São […]

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Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

Comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, a revolutionary lawyer and law professor in Oaxaca, Mexico was disappeared in San Agustín de las Juntas on May 10 of this year — he is one of the many revolutionaries and servants of the people disappeared by the reactionary Mexican state. The U.S. Red Guards join the Communist and […]

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Freedom for Comrade Igor Mendes

This was found in Charlotte visible from an active street in a neighborhood which is being gentrified. Photo sent in by a supporter. Below we are re-posting an article originally posted by Red Guards Austin on July 28th, 2018. Red Guards Charlotte fully agrees with its message and has not made any changes nor have […]

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