No Imperialist War in Syria

Editors Note: We wrote this article with haste, we saw the gravity of the situation in Syria that required a response immediately. While we firmly believe the majority of our points to be valid. Especially, our non-support of the Free Syrian Army and a very critical support of the Assad government, we made the mistake of not clearing our line around the role of Russia, what being the last “anti-imperialist” country in the middle east means and our support for the Syrian Arab Army means. Here is the link to our new statement


April 7th at around 9pm EST, the United States launched 59 tomahawk missiles onto a Syrian air force base. This bombing was “justified” by the unsubstantiated claim that the April 4th sarin gas attack–which killed an estimated 100 people–was conducted by the Syrian Arab Army.  This is another pre-emptive strike by the capitalist-imperialist ruling class to overthrow one of the last anti-imperialist countries in the Middle East.

Communists have a duty to all oppressed people across the world, and those of us in the imperialist countries have an obligation to do everything to make this regime crumble from the inside. Our enemy is the capitalists attacking oppressed people globally, not the Syrian people. The imperialist media has been whipping up more lies in the same way it did to gain support for the war in Iraq, it justifies the murders of Black children by killer cops, and has always spread false propaganda to push this country’s genocidal policies at home and abroad. The mainstream media acts an willing agent of imperialist conquest. In particular in the media’s current aim is to propagate the lies of the most reactionary elements of the Anti-Assad forces about the Syrian state. These lies, such as the blaming of the SAA for the Sarin gas attack, have become more tools to be used justify the imperialist intervention.

Nuances of the Assad government aside, communists should not be supporting a regime change that the U.S. has been pushing for since 2013. We should side with the Syrian masses against U.S. imperialism. Since there is popular support among the Syrian people for the SAA, we do support them on the basis of resisting the US. The Syrian people have a right to shape their political landscape without foreign intervention. We must focus on doing everything we can to stop outside U.S. aggression, which is bound to continue if unopposed. Our goal is to raise the consciousness of the masses, to show that the evils of our own government are being continued into the global south. We must remind ourselves that anti-imperialism is the way to be in solidarity with the international struggle. That our self interest lies in overthrowing the system of capitalism-imperialism, not only for the exploited masses in the empire but for the rest of humanity.

Stop all bombings and aggression on Syria by the US!

Solidarity with the Syrian people, and the international proletariat!

Organize for revolution in the US and overthrow capitalism-imperialism!



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