Defend Charlotte!

Today is the day! All antifascists out to Marshall Park at 4pm! 

Queen City Maoist Collective is re-posting a call to action made by a local group of comrades called Antifascists Charlotte. We encourage anyone in the area to come out and defend Charlotte. Though we are not sure if the fascists will show or not, we will not be caught on our asses. Solidarity with all antifascists in Charlotte! 

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Marshall Park (near the statue)
800 E. 3rd St

Earlier this year, a so-called Anti-Com group posted a call for a “rally against communism” in Marshall Park on December 28th. This event was originally going to feature America’s sweetheart of emerging fascism, Richard Spencer, until the whole thing was abruptly called off a couple of weeks later over “security concerns”.

Since then, the proposed counter-rally events that had popped up online were also dropping off of the radar. It seems that the crisis is averted, right?


Unfortunately, this increasingly organized, emboldened alt-right has hatched and these proto-fascists cannot be wished or ignored away. If anything is to be learned from the many encounters with them already endured by brave anti-facist protesters over the past year, it’s that it’s not enough to try to stop them once they’ve set up in whatever space; we must prevent them from starting to begin with. There is no reasonable discourse to be had with them, no “exchange of ideas” or appeals to understanding. Love will not fix this. They must be confronted, shut down, and forced out without further ado.

For these reasons, this is a call for everybody who is fed up with the alt-right to come out to Marshall Park (near the statue) at 4pm on December 28th and show why the alt-right shalt not fuck with the Queen City.

By showing up en masse, we can pre-emptively deprive them of any platform they try to use to spread their messages of hate. We can prevent them from inspiring the misguided casual racists in this town and from ever thinking that they can thrive here.

If they don’t turn up, great. We would prefer that.

Assuming they won’t turn up just because the internet said so is irresponsible and wishful thinking. So we shall plan for the worst, be prepared to stand up for our city, and flex the power of our numbers and our drive for a better world.




– Queen City Maoist Collective (December 2017)



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