Revolutionary May Day in the Queen City!

Towards Revolutionary May Day

*Note: One slight edit was made to this piece after being published. The content of this piece has remained the same otherwise.* 


The world proletarian struggle must intensify. On this May Day 2018, we call on all forces—communists, anarchists, anti-fascists, anti-imperialists and all those who want to see a better world—to join us in Charlotte.

The world revolution is the duty of all those who seek freedom. Internationalism is never secondary. This revolutionary May Day we must raise the red flag of the proletariat to fight imperialism. Our fate as one multinational class lies in taking up our ideology as an indestructible weapon, to arm the masses in waging a relentless war against the exploiters. Anything less than an overthrow of the existing order is not a revolution, and without a revolution our class can never be free.

The proletariat is faced with relentless attacks—from profit extracting and soul sucking jobs, to murderous pigs, unyielding deportations, the war on reproductive rights, domestic violence, jails for social control, vacant homes, and imperialist wars, to continued occupation. The plight of the proletariat will never cease under capitalism-imperialism.  Unequivocally, we say that the only way to ameliorate these problems is revolution. This will take a theory that can guide the international proletariat and a united front of all those who can be united in crushing imperialism. We call on all those ready for revolution (and those still not sure) on May Day to bring the struggle to the ruling classes’ front door.


The beast that is US imperialism

“Ever since the monster of imperialism came into being, the affairs of the world have become so closely interwoven that it is impossible to separate them. We Chinese have the spirit to fight the enemy to the last drop of our blood, the determination to recover our lost territory by our own efforts, and the ability to stand on our own feet in the family of nations. But this does not mean that we can dispense with international support; no, today international support is necessary for the revolutionary struggle of any nation or country.” – Mao, “On Tactics Against Japanese Imperialism”

There are innumerable examples of terrorist number 1—the US, led by the proto-fascist Trump—causing misery for the masses of the world. Continuing the legacy of this capitalist-imperialist beast, Trump named Jerusalem as the location of the US embassy to “Israel,” spitting once again on the face of the occupied Palestinian people. Jerusalem represents the Palestinian crisis of continued settler-colonial domination of their historic land. The US is the largest contributor to the Israeli defense budget that is used to terrorize Palestinians, like Ahed Tamimi, daily.  By moving the location of the embassy, the US further demonstrates that it will be Israel’s biggest guarantor in finalizing the theft of Palestinian land. Revolutionaries in the US are obliged to resist this imperialist machine and support the national liberation struggle of Palestine.

The US has always shown a complete disregard for the lives of people in third world countries. Lest we forget that the US is also a settler colonial project that conducted the genocide of the indigenous people.  Recently, Trump’s administration also ended “temporary protected status”, where immigrants from around the world were able to migrate to the United States because of dilapidated economic conditions, civil wars, or unlivable infrastructure in their home countries. This change in policy will result in a massive deportation of people from oppressed nations. Deportations on occupied territory. The largest group affected is from El Salvador, where hundreds of thousands of Salvadorians were admitted into the US because of a devastating earthquake in 2001. El Salvador, due to dependency on imperialism, couldn’t fix the serious damage resulting from the earthquake, so instead they allowed many of their citizens to seek refuge in the US.

All this links back to imperialism, where the imperialist nation reaps the benefits of war and creates a volatile economic condition, forcing the oppressed nation into dependency from the oppressor, and resulting in poor infrastructure that can’t withstand any natural disaster. Because of economic deprivation and civil wars people seek a ‘better life’ escape from the uninhabitable nation to the imperialist nation. Though the bourgeois media claims immigrants come to the US to escape their homeland and find the “American dream,” we know that this dream was built on the backs of Indigenous people who were victims of genocide, African slaves, and the super exploitation of the third world.  For stability to exist in an imperialist country, the rest of the world must be in ruins, and our consciousness of that destruction must be nonexistent. Much like how Marx described commodity fetishism as a process where the consumer only sees the product for itself and not the labor that went into making that commodity, imperialism separates us daily from the benefits we reap. The further we are separated from the labor needed to create the cheap commodities we cherish, the easier it becomes for us to be complacent in a worldwide exploitative system.


Our comrades in the struggle

We send our deepest solidarity to all the comrades around the world struggling for a liberated humanity. As Red Guards Austin, the leading force in the US Maoist movement, did last year, we extend our hand of solidarity to all MLM collectives around the US: Red Guards LA, Red Guards Pittsburgh, Kansas City Revolutionary Collective and Revolutionary Association of Houston. Here in North Carolina, we send our revolutionary greetings to: the IWW, Shelby Redneck Revolt, Charlotte Antifascists and all those in NC fighting for revolution. Finally, we send our humble solidarity to those around the world waging people’s wars and those fighting for humanity: Communist Party of India (Maoist), Communist Party of the Philippines, PCR-RCP (Montreal), DHKP-C, TKP-ML, Parti Communiste Maoiste and many more genuine revolutionary forces around the world! We are indebted to you and your dedication.

The fights these comrades are waging are bound up in our fight as well. Only social chauvinists cannot see the inextricable link between the proletariat throughout the world. It is no coincidence that the height of anti-revisionist communist organizing in the US happened when socialist China was leading the world proletariat to new heights in The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. As people around the world were rising, the impact on communists throughout the world was tremendous.


May Day means fight back!

What does May Day mean? In 1886 in the US, workers were demanding an 8-hour work day with no cut in pay. In the culmination of months of agitation by workers across the country, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor called for a general strike on May 1st, 1886. An estimated half-a million people went on strike on this fateful May Day. In Chicago, workers at a McCormick plant, known for their militancy and their opposition to greedy bosses and sell out scabs (those who go into work when the plant is on strike) became a leading force in what became known as the Haymarket Riot. On May 3rd, after being locked out of the McCormick plant since early February, the striking workers rushed a group of scabs as they were leaving the job. Subsequently, the police fired into a crowd of indignant workers, killing a confirmed 2 civilians, with reports of up to 6. The next day, a group of anarchists and other revolutionaries called for an action at the Haymarket Square in Chicago to avenge the martyrs from the day before. They set off bombs into a line of pigs, and the pigs began to fire back into the crowd. Six pigs were killed, and four people were martyred, with at least 70 other workers and civilians injured. In honor of the courage our class has always possessed, we continue our fight until we reach our goal: communism.


Our ideology from the furnace of class struggle

Our revolutionary spirit is borne from a rich history of class struggle—lead by the greats Marx, Lenin and Mao. In their footsteps we fight for revolution in our lifetime. Marx and Engels brought to light capitalism’s gory exploitation, dialectical materialism, and scientific socialism. Lenin grasped their teachings and pushed them further to analyze the world under the grip of imperialism, elucidating on the theory of the state and the need for a vanguard party and an international revolution to destroy imperialism. He was among the leaders of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which led to the first socialist state, following and advancing the lessons of Paris Commune. Stalin concretized the principles of Leninism and lead the first socialist state while under attack from imperialists and enemies within the USSR. Mao, following in the footsteps of Marx and Lenin, lead a quarter of the world’s population to liberation in the mid-twentieth century. Mao was an expert communist philosopher and military strategist— he led the Chinese people through the agrarian revolution, the Long March, the anti-Japanese war and the final war against the nationalist Kuomintang. He led in continuity of the great teachers before him to develop the law of contradiction, the theory of protracted people’s war, and the theory of class struggle continuing under socialism, demonstrated in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Stalin synthesized Lenin’s great teachings as a higher stage of Marxism, Marxism-Leninism. Like Stalin, Presidente Gonzalo lead a raging people’s war in Peru from 1980 to the late 1990s, coming very close to seizing state power; Gonzalo, and the Communist Party of Peru, formulated Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the 3rd and highest stage of revolutionary communism. These are our great teachers, and we firmly believe that Maoism in the hands of the proletariat creates a weapon no enemy can defeat.


Raise the red flag, unite in Charlotte—fight for revolution!

On this International Workers Day, we take up the red flag! We are fighting for the world. We orient ourselves to the world revolution, principally. Too many “communists” before us have fallen into the same great nation chauvinism indicative of revolutionaries in the imperialist countries. Our solidarity is with the global proletariat and those fighting for revolution. We must fight on May Day to bring the revolutionary fervor of the masses to the imperialist bourgeoisie’s front door. We can’t rely on the most oppressed and exploited throughout the world to carry the world revolution – it is our duty as revolutionaries to make revolution here as the truest sign of solidarity with the third world. If you believe capitalism-imperialism cannot be reformed and that it is a plague on the entire world, that must be destroyed—join us on May 1st as we bring the ruckus to the Queen City in the service of the world revolution.


All out for a revolutionary May Day!


Move Heaven and Earth for the world revolution!


Self-determination for all occupied people! 


Solidarity with the third world by making revolution in the first!


 -Queen City Maoist Collective, 2018




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