Defend Comrade Dallas and Fight for His Freedom!


Photo sent in by a supporter.

For the comrade who has sacrificed his freedom for Maoism.

For the comrade who carries the burden of the oppressed and exploited worldwide.

For the comrade who has spilled blood, and broken bones.

Our comrade Dallas has been locked up in the dungeons of the state. He was jailed on March 9th with bullshit charges and remains incarcerated as we write. Our comrade Dallas means to the world to us. He lives every day knowing that his life is not his own, and instead dedicates it to the masses of people, who ache for political power. He teaches us unceasing struggle against our enemies, and the art of transformation of our friends. He shows us how to defend our women and LGBT comrades like our lives depend on it. Our comrade Dallas has shown us what it means to be a servant of the people.

Anyone who genuinely serves the people can experience a fate like Dallas, but he has never cowered. He fights every day against the terrorism our class is facing and is being punished by the state for defending our class. In these hard times while our comrade is locked up, we need more defenders of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to rise from the seeds he has planted in all of us. Until he gets out and we can rejoice in his freedom, we will fight tirelessly in the same struggle he carries in his heart every day. This comrade’s example has given our hearts tremendous purpose. Many of us are recovering drug addicts, who have wandered through life aimlessly for years, yearning for a reason to live. To live and to die for our class—there is no greater purpose. To live among a person so unflinchingly dedicated, we are sincerely grateful.

Dallas is an expecting father; his fiancée will be left alone to raise their child if the state keeps him kidnapped. Now the impetus is on all of us. Comrades, if you like and follow our work, please write any inspirational or kind words you would like sent to him and send them to We urge you to donate generously to the cause by sending money to PayPal: Study the work of the organizations he supports. Learn from them and our great teachers, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Gonzalo.

Become the fighter that Dallas is!

Nothing less, freedom for Dallas now!



– Queen City Maoist Collective, March 2018


 If you have not already, please read this piece from RGA detailing what’s going on with comrade Dallas.

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